The Divorce Resort® Process

By the end of the Divorce Resort® weekend, your divorce will be finalized and ready to submit to the courts.


This is achieved by following a very simple, yet effective process.


1. Information Collection


All information about your divorce is gathered from you and your spouse separately, before the resort weekend is scheduled


2. Book Three-Day Stay At A Resort


Once all information is received, we will book a three day weekend at a resort for you and your partner, where you will be able to focus completely on your divorce away from outside influences.


3. Mediation


For the first 48 hours of the Divorce Resort® Process, you and your spouse will each work with a mediator separately in an attempt to reach an agreement on all issues. Your mediator will assist you in the reconciliation of your disputes and the settlement of those disputes in creative ways.


Your mediator will not act as a judge, an arbitrator, a counselor or advisor and will not render a decision on the issues in dispute. All agreements made by the parties during the mediation process shall be reduced to writing by the attorney in the form of a binding and irrevocable mediated settlement agreement to be presented to the parties during the weekend. The mediation process is a confidential process protected by Texas statute and taken very seriously by the Texas courts. All information received by the mediator during the mediation process shall remain confidential from all other persons with very few exceptions. During the mediation process, the primary responsibility for the resolution of a dispute rests with the parties.


4. Arbitration


If a resolution has not been reached after 48 hours on all issues, your mediator will then become your arbitrator. Your arbitrator will listen to the arguments of both you and your spouse with regard to unresolved issues. When all arguments have been exhausted and all evidence has been reviewed, your arbitrator will make a binding arbitration award regarding those issues and shall submit such award to both you and your spouse in writing by the middle of the third day.


Such arbitration shall be binding. This ensures that parties will achieve the goal of having all divorce issues resolved by the end of the 72-hour period.


5. Receipt Of Mediated Settlement Agreement And/Or Binding Arbitration Award


By the end of the weekend, you and your ex-spouse will receive their mediated settlement agreement and/or binding arbitration award. The documents will contain binding and irrevocable resolution of all of the issues either party brought to the table.


6. Final Decree Of Divorce


After the weekend, the attorney will coordinate with one or both parties, the relevant court, and any local counsel (if applicable) to enter the final decree of divorce with the relevant court as soon as reasonably possible.


What You Need To Know About Divorce Resort®


Part of what makes this process so effective is the compliance with the Divorce Resort® guidelines. Such guidelines include:


  • The three day weekend is only for you and your ex-spouse. No third parties or children are allowed. 
  • Both sides agree to full disclosure of necessary information ahead of time
  • Both sides agree to work toward an amicable resolution and to act in good faith
  • Time outs may be called by the attorney present when emotions are running high, allowing you to regroup and clear your head
  • You and your ex-spouse will spend the weekend in your own separate suites


With Divorce Resort®, you can be confident that your divorce will be completely finalized in just 72 hours, leaving you with the freedom and the closure to move on with your life.


Divorce Resort®, pioneered by family lawyer Daryl Weinman of Weinman & Associates, is a revolutionary approach to a difficult process, available to clients in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and throughout Texas. For information, contact Texas family law attorney Daryl Weinman at 512-472-4040.