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Properly characterizing property as either separate or community and dividing community property and debts are two of the most important tasks in the divorce process. They can also be the most contentious. If done incorrectly, your financial security and your future can be adversely affected.


At Weinman & Associates, in Austin, Texas, we help our clients achieve property divisions designed to protect your rights and place you in the strongest financial position possible.
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The Property Division Process

Under Texas law, most property acquired during the marriage is community property (sometimes referred to as marital property). Texas law requires that it be divided on a fair and equitable basis, though not necessarily on an equal basis.

Weinman & Associates will carefully review your financial situation. We will identify community property, place a value on it, and determine a fair basis for a division of that property. We will also help you identify separate property assets, to make sure such assets are confirmed as your separate property and not considered as part of the community estate to be divided upon final divorce.This process can become very involved, particularly when marital assets are significant, when separate and community assets are commingled, or when the marriage has lasted for some years.


Weinman & Associates has extensive experience in tracing the transformation of assets and in their valuation. We will work to protect your interests at all stages of the legal process.


Representing You in Negotiations and Litigation


In most cases, we can negotiate a property division settlement that provides a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets. This can usually resolve all outstanding property issues in an efficient and affordable manner. In other cases, particularly those that involve complex property division issues, we may have to litigate to protect your rights.


Our goal will be to protect your interests, place you in as secure a financial position as possible, and enable you to move forward in a positive manner after divorce.


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