Property & Asset Division

Property division is another very sensitive issue in divorce proceedings. However, you do not have to hire a litigator in order to divide shared properly fairly, even when shared property and assets are complex. 


Benefits Of The Divorce Resort® Process For Property & Asset Division


You and your spouse both want what is fair, but disagreements on what that actually is can cause traditional divorce proceedings to drag out longer than really necessary. 


However, the Divorce Resort® process is designed to take all property and assets into account and will help you divide them amicably instead of through costly litigation. 


  • Discuss with your mediator about your goals for what property and assets you would like to receive 
  • Your ex will also discuss with your mediator about their goals for what property and assets they would like to receive 
  • Issues that are agreed on are reduced to writing 
  • Issues that are not agreed on are resolved through creative brainstorming by you and your mediator in a relaxed setting
  • Issues that cannot be solved by the third day will go into arbitration
  • Your mediator becomes your arbitrator and will use information gleaned during the first two days of mediation to make binding decisions regarding what property and assets are allocated to whom in the most equal way possible


With Divorce Resort®, you can be confident that you will reach a solution on all property and asset division issues by the end of the three day weekend, even when your issues are complex and seemingly insurmountable. 


Divorce Resort®, pioneered by family lawyer Daryl Weinman of Weinman & Associates, is a revolutionary approach to a difficult process, available to clients nationwide. For information, contact family law attorney Daryl Weinman at 512-472-4040.