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Child Custody and Parenting Plan Arrangements


When it comes to questions regarding child custody and visitation, there are no easy answers. Each family situation is different, so each solution must reflect each family’s unique characteristics.


At Weinman & Associates, we believe strongly in providing creative co-parenting solutions. We will develop and seek to obtain a customized custody and parenting plan that enables you to develop a rich and full parental relationship with your children.

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Tradition Gives Way to Innovation

Courts in Texas used to favor traditional outcomes regarding custody and visitation. Nowadays though, it is different. Parents may work in different shifts, have varying work hours or need to travel for their job. To allow for these and other conditions, the courts are much more willing to consider creative co-parenting solutions that provide flexibility and encourage meaningful parent-child relationships.

Attorney Daryl Weinman has helped many clients obtain workable child custody and visitation outcomes that work best for children and account for the unique needs and desires of the parents. In your case, she will work closely with you to understand the issues you face and craft the solution that is right for you and your children.


The Parenting Plan Can Change Over Time

Let’s look at a basic example. Very young children have far different emotional and parental needs than older children. In this situation, it may make sense to have a graduated visitation schedule that changes as the child grows older. The non-custodial parent’s visitation time may increase from year two to year three to year four, and beyond. As the child enters the teenage years, he or she may desire a completely different plan of spending time in both households.

Weinman & Associates will work to develop a customized outcome that recognizes and accounts for those unique factors. We want to help you enjoy a full and meaningful relationship with your children.


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